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How to charge a car?

  1. Scan the QR code
  2. Download the app and register (phone number and card required)
  3. Insert charging cable into electric car
  4. Start charging your electric car following the instructions in the app
  5. Waiting for you to exercise again

8 800 775 81 87 if something went wrong or you have questions


Types of connectors that can be connected to the ZES

CHAdeMO (CHArge de Movie) – developed in Japan with the participation of TEPCO (Tokyo Energy Company). The name is an abbreviation and in Russian it sounds like "charge for movement", "charge and move"; etc. This is a high-speed charging standard that uses direct current. Most often found on Japanese right-hand drive electric vehicles, as well as imported from the United States.

  • Maximum power, kW – 62.5(50);
  • Maximum voltage, V – 500;
  • Current, A – 125;
  • Contacts, pcs. – 2.

CHAdeMO 1.2:

  • Maximum power, kW – 200;
  • Maximum voltage, V – 500;
  • Current, A – 400;
  • Contacts, pcs. – 2.


Type 2 (Type 2, Mennekes) – European standard developed in Germany. Popular with electric vehicles from Europe, as well as some models from China. It differs from the first one in the presence of additional contacts for the use of three-phase power networks (in Russia it is usually found with a voltage of 380 Volts).

  • Phase – single-phase, three-phase;
  • Maximum power, kW – 7,4 and 22 (threshold 43);
  • Maximum voltage, V – 400;
  • Current, A – 63;
  • Contacts, pcs. – 7.

CCS Combo (Combo 1 and Combo 2) – a type of electric vehicle connector introduced in Europe. One of the most serious competitors of CHAdeMO. In fact, this is an improved version of Type 1 and Type 2 – in both cases, two additional contacts are added. Provides the ability to charge from any convenient station - direct or alternating current. The most common is Combo 2, used on European electric vehicles. Combo 1 is quite rare, found in American and Japanese.

  • Maximum AC power, kW – 7.4
  • Maximum DC power, kW – 350;
  • Maximum voltage, V – 200-500;
  • Current, A – 200
  • Contacts, pcs. – 5+2 and 3+2.

It should be noted that this type of appliance plug ("socket" located directly in the electric vehicle) can be connected to a simple Type 1 or Type 2 cable, depending on connector – without using DC contacts.